Make a Regular Donation

​Please make a regular donation to The Louise Nicholas Trust to continue to build resources and services for both the prevention of sexual violence and support survivors as they embark on a path to healing.

The Louise Nicholas Trust is registered with Charities Services as The Louise Nicholas Trust CC58991

By online banking

You can make a one-off, weekly or monthly donation to The Louise Nicolas Trust from your bank account with your online banking to our account 03-0502-0769223-00 and use your name as the reference.

We would like to say thank you and send you a tax receipt for your donation so please email with your name and address.

Donate through your pay

Donating through your pay (payroll giving) allows your regular donation to be automatically deducted from your pay.

You choose an amount that you want to give, and you can start, stop or change the amount of your donation at any time. Your employer deducts your donation directly from your pay, reduces your PAYE by the appropriate amount and then forwards the donation to The Louise Nicholas Trust.

Talk to your employer about payroll giving – it may already be available where you work. If it is, these three steps are all it takes to set it up:

Give your employer our details:

Tell your employer how much you would like to give and how often (e.g. each pay)

Let us know your contact details so we can say thank you, email with your name and address.

Legal name: The Louise Nicholas Trust

Postal address: PO Box 9013, Springfield, Rotorua BOP , 3015

Charities Services: CC58991

Bank account: 03-0502-0769223-00

Make a gift in your will

A gift in your will to The Louise Nicholas Trust, no matter how big or small, is a great way to ensure we will be here for future generations, building resilient children, young people, whānau and communities.

Please talk to us if you are considering making a gift in your will, as we would love to say thank you.

It is easy to make a gift in your Will (bequest) and we recommend you seek advice from a solicitor to draw up a Will. If you already have a Will, your solicitor/will-writer will be able to add a codicil to include a bequest to The Louise Nicholas Trust.

If, after you have ensured the people you care about are provided for, you decide to make a gift to The Louise Nicholas Trust in your Will, we encourage you to talk about your plans with whānau so they understand your wishes.

Suggested wording of a gift in your Will:

I give the sum of $ ……….. (or) ……………% of the residue of my estate (or) the residue of my estate (or) property or assets as follows ………………… free of all charges to The Louise Nicholas Trust (registered charity number CC58991). This bequest is given as an unrestricted gift for the general purposes of The Louise Nicholas Trust and I direct that the receipt of an authorised officer of The Louise Nicholas Trust shall be a full discharge for the Executor/Trustees.

If you’re thinking about leaving a gift in your Will, or want to know more about The Louise Nicholas Trust , Louise Nicholas, would be happy to talk with you in confidence. You can contact Louise on 021326505 or at