Safe Eyes

The Trust is focused on shifting the paradigm from being solely a government problem to where we all take an active role in the prevention of sexual violence. This we believe requires a movement of change which empowers individuals at every level of society. The two parts to this are the action and the platform.

The action will be a series of targeted campaigns called 'Safe Eyes'.

Basically, aligned with the Bystander Prevention kaupapa but in a broader cultural context where people identify and act on their own agency to prevent sexual violence.

Imagine in your whānau agreeing who will be the ‘Safe Eyes’ person before you go to the family BBQ where the uncle you feel uncomfortable around is going to be. Your nominated ‘Safe Eyes’ person is empowered to safely intervene by watching out for unsafe behaviour and intercepting to prevent harm.

Another tool is for each person in the whānau to have a ‘safe word’ they can use to draw attention to what’s going on in a non-confrontational way. So, imagine the family agree the safe word is ‘kiwi’ then anyone can use that word if they are feeling uncomfortable and know it will alert their ‘Safe Eyes’ they want help.

The second part to prevention is having an online platform to provide access to key resources that help them deal with situations in a safe way.

This is that platform.

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