What Louise does

Survivor Support

National Sexual Violence Survivor Advocacy

Court Support

Louise Nicholas and her team help survivors of sexual violence.

They help:

survivors navigate New Zealand's complicated court and social services system, when survivors feel vulnerable and hurt

influence and change the system through input to legislation and government policy, and by changing community attitudes.

Safe - Louise and her team focus on emotional as well as physical safety. Safe relationships are consistent, predictable, nonviolent, non-shaming, non-blaming, and respectful.

Trust - they ensure survivors have clear expectation of their services by maintaining appropriate boundaries, being consistent and trustworthy, and holding their story and information confidential.

Choice - they prioritise survivor choice and decision-making; supporting a survivor’s control over their own healing journey.

Connection - they understand the importance of whānau and walk alongside the survivor and their loved ones.

Collaboration - they work with many other agencies and organisations to support the survivor’s intended goals for healing and justice.

Cultural Competence - they are sensitive, acknowledge and respect the role of culture in lived experience, healing routes, and decision-making. 

To access advocacy services, please contact Louise at louise.advocate@gmail.com or 021 326 505.